Details for Rakuten Data

Outline of data

ALAGIN provides the "Rakuten Data" to researchers according to the contract between ALAGIN and Rakuten, Inc.
Please see this website for more details of the "Rakuten Data".

Usage Conditions

The data set will be provided to ALAGIN members under the following conditions.

    • A Researcher belonging to a university or a public research institution can apply for the data. Those belonging to a private company, etc. cannot apply.
    • An application should be made for each user group such as a laboratory of a university, and its applicant should be a full-time researcher representing the research group, e.g., a professor at a university or a head researcher at a research institution.
    • Those who can use the data are restricted to the members belonging to the abovementioned user group and doing research directly in collaboration with or under supervision of the applicant. When someone belonging to a different organization or a separate laboratory, even if in a joint research, would use the data, a separate application should be made.
    • The siger of the Agreement should be a person with the authority to sign and seal agreements on behalf of your organization and having an official seal. Please consult with your administrative section about the qualified signer beforehand.


Please submit an application following the procedure shown below. The data is available free for charge. The required documents (except "Agreement form") can be downloaded from the links in "documents" section below. 

    1. Please read the contents of "Agreement on the usage of Rakuten Data (sample)" carefully and confirm if it is acceptable for you (and your organization).
    2. Fill out the "Application Form" with required information, and e-mail it as an attachment file to the ALAGIN office shown in the "contact" section below. For "Signer", please enter formal information in full as to be printed in the Agreement.

      *** Please note that your application will be forwarded to Rakuten, Inc. and will be used for judging the qualification, preparing an agreement, and listing up the users.

    3. Your application will be checked at the ALAGIN office and the availability of the data will be e-mailed to you. If you do not receive an reply e-mail in a week, please contact the ALAGIN office.

      *** Please understand that, since the user qualification conditions are set by Rakuten, Inc., there may be a case we cannot provide the data to you.

    4. You and Rakuten, Inc. conclude an agreement.

      a)Rakuten, Inc. will send two copies of "Agreement form" to you by postal mail.

      b)Fill out with required information, sign and seal, and send by postal mail both of the two copies to the "Postal mail address for agreements (Rakuten, Inc.)" shown below.

      *** Please follow instructions of Rakuten, Inc. if one is enclosed.

      c)Rakuten, Inc. will return one of the copies sealed by Rakuten, Inc. Please keep it in a secure place.

    5. The ALAGIN office will provide the data when noticed by Rakuten, Inc..

Data provision

The ALAGIN office will lend a HDD that contains ”Rakuten Data".


Application Form

Agreenebt on the usage Rakuten Data(sample)(link to Rakuten,Inc.'s website)

Contact(ALAGIN Office)

ALAGIN Office, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology 

info [at] 
3-5 Hikaridai,Seika-cho,Soraku-gun,Kyoto 619-0289,JAPAN